Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sri Lanka Best Quality Mabroc Pure Ceylon Tea, 3 Varieties; Lovers Leap, Oliphant (Green Tea), Robgill

Mabroc Pure Ceylon Tea, 3 Varieties: Lovers Leap A light golden hue with an aromatic bouquet. Oliphant An exquisite and delicate character in liquors replete with flavour and aroma, a flavour not found in any other green tea produced in the country. Robgill A golden tea with a full-bodied flavour. Preparation In order to get to original flavour of the tea,do not boil the tea leaves together with water. Instead add the tea leaves into a pot and pour hot water, leave for 2-3 minutes. Lovers Leap and Oliphant are best without milk, while Robgill is best with milk. Pure Ceylon Tea Packed in Sri Lanka By Mabroc Teas. 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified. 125g x 3 Packs Best Before: 02/2019 Shipping charges may differ according to your country, contact me for more info.Registered post. Price : USD$30 This tea is not available anywhere else in the country, it is bought directly from the tea estate.

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